Sri Basaveshwara Gayatri Temple HSR Layout Bangalore

Sri Basaveshwara Gayatri Temple is situated on 17th cross road in HSR Layout Sector 2 in Bengaluru. It is considered as one of the largest temple in HSR layout and everyday hundreds of devotees visit to Sri Basaveshwara Gayatri Temple for worship and get the blessing of the God. The temple complex is well maintained, clean, beautiful and peaceful. You can get blessings from multiple Gods (Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, Naga & more). The parsada is served in morning as well as evening. Everyday, devotees bring their new vehicles to perform pooja.


Location: Sri Basaveshwara Gayatri temple is strategically located in the center of HSR Layout and can be reachable in 10 to 15 within HSR layout on two wheeler or four wheeler (depends on traffic condition). You can use Google maps to find the shortest path to reach the temple using link.


Gayatri Temple Timings: 
Morning: 8:00 AM to 10 AM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
( please visit temple for accurate information)


Sri Basaveshwara Gayatri Temple,
17th Cross Road, HSR Layout Sector 2,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102


In addition to regular pooja in temples, devotees can also go for paid Pooja. Please visit temple for know more about below mentioned pooja.

1. Archane
2. Nitya Pooja
3. Special Pooja
4. Individual God
5. All Gods
6. Birthday / Anniversary
7. Sankastahara Chathurthi
8. Pradosha Pooja
9. Sri Sathyanarayan Pooja
10. Individual Pooja
11. Two & Three Wheeler
12. Four Wheeler
13. Alankara Seva Fee
14. Vada Hara
15. Letter Coaching
16. Naming Ceremony
17. Anna Prasanna
18. Ekavara Rudrabhisekha
19. Ekadhasha Rudrabhisekha
20. Dwadasha Abhisekha
21. God Flower Decoration
22. Anjeneya Swamy Leaf Seva
23. Shiva Oil Abhisekha
24. Honey Abhisekha
25. Tender coconut Water (108)
26. Mudu Ganapathi (21 Coconut)
27. Leaf (108)
28. Sanaragha Pooja
29. Kadabhu (108 nos Seva)


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